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A "Quantum Leap" in sound design technology...

Designed to achieve the highest possible level of audio performance, Ultra Analog announce THE-1...

The term 'High Fidelity' means 'faithful reproduction' i.e. without adding or subtracting anything at all from the musical signal. This implies that in order to achieve a clean, clear transparent sound quality, there has to be zero added distortions of any nature (including THD, IMD, added noise, or slew rate limiting).

With the Ultra Analog THE 1, THD+N and IMD are virtually immeasurable, making it the highest performing Operational Amplifier available today.

Simply, the best kept secret in the Professional Audio Industry - Ultra low noise, Ultra low distortion (0.00001% THD+N), and high slew rate...

Custom ultra high performance analog audio modules designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications based on the THE-1 and THE-2 Operational Amplifiers.

24th January 2015
UK Distributor appointed

4th October 2014
Ultra Analog release OP-AMP replacment modules based on the THE-1 and THE-2 OP AMPs
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